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Our solution

Our solution allows companies to automate their screening process for Covid-19 in order to:

     - Help reduce the risk of the virus spreading in the workplace.

     - Strengthen access control measures in your premises.

     - Improve surveillance of suspicious cases, from detection to recovery. 


Control access of employees inside your company based on your Covid-19 policy.

Take note of the employees with high temperature using our mobile application if allowed.

Collect information on the health status of employees and third parties via our mobile application.


- Receive diagnostic requests for suspected cases of Covid-19.
- Gather your recommendations and send them to your affiliated companies via our mobile application.


- Periodically identify collaborators who are not available by location, team, function or other criteria, using our dashboard.
- Monitor the progress of the Covid-19 protocol on suspected cases according to the same criteria, using our reports.


Reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection and get better support from your administration if you are suspected of having Covid-19.

Our Methodology


Our Methodology

1. QuidProtect Presentation Meeting.

2. Customer submits data in Excel format based on QuidProtect’s templates.

3. QuidProtect loads customer’s data and configures the software.

4. Online training from QuidProtect’s Training Consultant to the customer’s project manager and/or administrator.

5. End Users Training provided by the customer’s project manager or administrator.

6. QuidProtect is ready to protect you.

Get started on QuidProtect within 15 days.

About us

At QuidProtect, we help companies protect themselves from Covid-19 using our innovative technology. We support our customers towards automated management of their protection against Covid-19 suspected cases.

QuidProtect puts its technology at your disposal to promote the automation of preventive measures, process optimization and decision-making.

We support our customers throughout our partnership. The implementation of our solution, its deployment and its use are simple. You can be up and running in less than 15 days.

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